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  1. Pictured in the bottom left, are the Tang-Band w4-657s , which are sweet and extended in the highs, smooth in the midrange with a mid-hall perspective. They are more soft and forgiving than the Jordan or Fostex. These are imported by : http://www.nuera-acoustic.ca

  2. Pictured to the bottom center, are the Jordan jx92s which have one of the smoothest midranges imaginable and a fuller midbass that reminds me of the classic British sound. The midrange and highs are electrostatic in openness and speed. Compared to the Fostex 108 E Sigma, the midrange is quicker and clearer. The bass is clear and serviceable to 50 Hz. These drivers are only 88db/watt efficient.  These in the  zHorn Dakini can sound bass heavy, so am now recommending them in a Jordan style wide baffle transmission line. Pictures upon request. They are imported by:http://www.creativesound.ca/jordan.html

  3. Also, available are Radio-Shack 40-1197(also called FE-103) which comes in the "purple" or "blue" box variety. Very open and airy, forgiving on the highs (though a little ragged) and rhythmic in the bass. Also it is quite efficient.

  4. Finally, pictured on the upper left is the new Fostex 108 E Sigma. These are efficient at 90 db/watt in horn loading. The bass is quick and bouncey and deep. The highs are sweet and extended. The imaging is deep, wide and precise. These are imported by: http://www.madisound.com/fostex.html

  5. Of these drivers, the Radio-Shack, Tang Band and Fostex are easy drop-in replacements of each other.


revision 8/8/04