As if April 2005, I've made five pair of transmission line speakers. The aluminum pair were made by my brother, Bob, & are the best in all respects--alas they are so difficult to make. My prefered material is solid wood, such as the solid maple (bucherblock board) cabinet to the right. The finish is based on traditional wooden instument finishes, using shellac and other tree resins; it is applied by hand rubbing a dozen to two dozen coats.

zHorn HOME:
The picture at the bottom is my listening room, a smallish 11' x 14' foot room. The Jordans can really perform there magic at lower listening levels.

These drivers have been my main listening for almost two years, but as of summer 2005, I also primarily listen to the CSS FR125S in an open baffle design.

The Jordans in Jordan's own transmission line cabinet design go down to 50 Hz with substantal impact. The wide baffle seemed to add some efficiency to the driver, created a huge image and make for easy room positioning.

If one has enough power (the drivers are 88db/watt efficient) and an average to small sized room, these speakers are one of my favorite.